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Georgia FFA Convention

The Georgia FFA Convention started yesterday. We hope everything is just peachy for ya’ll! (ha ha)

In honor of Georgia FFA, here are some interesting facts about agriculture in their state:

• Georgia produces almost half of the peanuts produced in the U.S. each year. Their value was more than $401 million in 2009.

• Georgia was the first colony to produce cotton commercially, first planting it near Savannah in 1734. Georgia ranks third nationally in cotton production. Its value was more than $700 million in 2009.

• Although Georgia is called the Peach State, it actually ranks third in United States peach production behind California and South Carolina. In 2009, the Georgia peach crop sales totaled $60 million.

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Rhode Island FFA Convention

The Rhode Island FFA Association started their state convention on Wednesday, April 25 and will wrap it up this Sunday. We hope you all are having an amazing time!

While Rhode Island is celebrating another year of success through agricultural education, take a look at these fact about agriculture in their state:

• The top agricultural commodities in the state are greenhouse and nursery products, dairy products, sweet corn, aquaculture (seafood), and apples.

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It’s convention time in Missouri!

The Missouri FFA Convention starts today. We know you’ll all learn a lot, make tons of new friends and have a great time!

Here are some interesting facts about agriculture in The Show Me State:

  • Corn, soybeans, cattle and calves, hogs, and turkeys are Missouri’s top crops.
  • Missouri ranked nationally 5th in rice, 6th in soybeans and cotton, 8th in grain sorghum and 9th in corn production in 2009.
  • Cotton and rice are grown in South East Missouri.
  • Missouri produces a variety of fruits, vegetables and specialty crops.
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Inborn Fondness


By Cain Thurmond, Southern Region Vice President

Each year, FFA members recite the FFA Creed while competing in a career development event; others, to receive their chapter degree while many live by these five paragraphs daily. The Creed is the cornerstone of the beliefs we possess as members of this organization, but how often do we stop and reflect on its words? The second paragraph of the FFA Creed includes a line, “…for I know the joys and discomforts of agricultural life and hold an inborn fondness for those associations which, even in hours of discouragement, I cannot deny.”

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The Michigan FFA Convention starts today!

Michigan Mittens

Greetings to all our Mitten-dwelling FFA members, advisors and friends! Today is the start of their annual state FFA convention.

Did you know?

  • Agriculture is Michigan’s second largest industry, adding $6.7 billion to the state’s overall output. It supports one million domestic jobs and is one of America’s top exporters, ranking 20th in the nation in 2009.
  • Corn and soybeans each play a vital role in Michigan’s economy—corn generated $1.1 billion and soybeans generated $750 million in 2009. Continue reading