National FFA President Brian Walsh: FFA Members Have a Story to Tell

By Abbey Nickel

Of all the stories FFA members heard during the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo, 2013-2014 National FFA President Brian Walsh reminded them during his retiring address of what he believes is the most important story of all: Their own story.

Walsh told the crowd that because he didn’t believe he had an extraordinary story to tell, he couldn’t be a success or an inspiration to others – but he realized that your story doesn’t have to be unusual in order to be a success.

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Herlong Avoids Tomatoes, Inspires FFA Members

By Cassie Olson

LOUISVILLE — Humorist, professional singer and Amazon bestselling author are only a few of the titles that Jane Herlong has held. The South Carolina native and former Miss America contestant motivated thousands of FFA members when she filled Freedom Hall with laughter at the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo on Friday. Continue reading

Three FFA Members Compete in National FFA Talent Finals


By Kendall Herren

LOUISVILLE – Being selected as the top three talents in the nation is a pretty big deal, and FFA members Elizabeth Corwin, Kaitlyn Ospher and Sydney Lambert went all out at the final round of the National FFA Talent Competition. Continue reading

Public Speaking, Job Interview CDE Winners Announced

By Abbey Nickel and Lauren Schwab

LOUISVILLE – In the seventh general session, the winners of the Creed Speaking, Extemporaneous Public Speaking, Job Interview and Prepared Public Speaking Career Development Events were announced.

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National FFA Officer Team Turns Team Boyband at 87th National FFA Convention & Expo

We really shouldn’t be surprised that it happened — it was really always going to come to this after the election a year ago — but we’re a little surprised about how well it was choreographed.

Yeah, the 2013-14 National FFA Officer Team went full boy band Friday night at convention. Team Boyband. Continue reading

FFA Members Cultivate Superpowers for Health and Happiness

By Lauren Schwab

LOUISVILLE – Did you know you have superpowers? You do! It is within the realm of control to make healthy choices every day that can lead to a powerful future. In the “Cultivate Your Superpowers 101” workshop at the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo, FFA members acquired tools to help cultivate their inner wisdom to make wiser choices to unlock their natural superpowers.

Presenters Chaney Mosley and Anne Knapke explained to FFA members how overall health is a result of the choices we make. “We can embrace our inner wisdom to unlock the superpowers we have to be our best self every day. Our attitude and the choices we make are connected to our health,” Knapke said. Continue reading

Vujicic Tells FFA Members to Shine and Be Kind

By Abbey Nickel

LOUISVILLE – He lives every day without arms or legs. For most people, that would be an obstacle to living a happy and meaningful life.  But for Nick Vujicic, his lack of limbs didn’t stop him from getting exactly what he wanted.  He used it to live a life dedicated to inspiring others and helping them overcome their own heartache.

Vujicic  served as the keynote speaker for the opening sessions of the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo, and used his trials and triumphs of living a life without arms or legs as an illustration to never give up – no matter how difficult the circumstances.

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