FFA.org Status

A list of known issues within FFA.org that our operations staff is working to fix/resolve.

updated 4/23/15 9:16 p.m. ET

  1. Login issues – Have you had trouble logging in, seen spinning wheel that flashes, or have a blank dashboard? Here are the solutions:
    1. Close browser – users must close the entire browser after signing out. This is a security measure put in place by Microsoft. We are looking for a work-around, but for the time being, be sure to log out and close your browser.
    2. Clearing cookies – If restarting your browser isn’t enough, your device may be experiencing a cookie issue. If FFA.org has been up on your computer for 10 or more hours it may have added a “cookie” to your settings.
      1. The only way to resolve this is to clear your cookies. –  How to clear cookies
  2. All browsers work – FFA.org works with all browsers. Specific browser-related issues can be sent to webmaster@ffa.org. We are finding in most cases browser issues are being caused a local firewall or pop-up blocker.
    1. Google Chrome users may see a red slash through the https:// of the FFA.org web address indicating a security certificate issue after logging in. Despite the warning, FFA.org remains secure to use via Chrome.
  3. Search – We are working vigorously to troubleshoot the issue. When it is resolved, it will be communicated.
  4. Mobile compatibility – We’re working to ensure mobile compatibility in the future, though we’re focused on resolving other significant issues currently.
  5. FFA Learn Resources – Contact webmaster@ffa.org to retrieve specific documents. Resources will be posted in full online in the next few weeks.


Spot a new issue? Contact us!

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