#myAGstory: Donnie Smith tells FFA members to share their story of agriculture

By Kendall Herren

LOUISVILLE – Telling our ag story; that is the message of Tyson Inc. President and CEO Donnie Smith. His mission is to inspire FFA members to tell their agriculture story and build consumer support. Continue reading


2014 National Finalists: Agricultural Proficiency Awards, National Chapter Awards and National FFA Agriscience Fair

The news many of you have been waiting for is here!

Friday we announced the 2014 national finalists for several award areas in three programs: Agricultural Proficiency Awards, National Chapter Awards and National FFA Agriscience Fair. These awards, listed below, honor the best and brightest of FFA nationwide in so many different areas, and we could not be more proud to celebrate your accomplishments at the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo this fall in Louisville! Continue reading

Day By Day: 2014 FFA Costa Rica Travel Seminar

The Costa Rica Proficiency and Stars Travel Seminar empowers FFA leaders by providing them with a global perspective. Through this experience, participants gain knowledge by visiting farms and agribusinesses. This travel seminar is available to proficiency finalists and star finalists.

Day 1 – Friday, June 13

A three hour flight from Miami to Costa Rica took 63 national FFA Proficiency Stars and finalist, accompanied by advisors and national staff, to the start of their Costa Rican adventure.

After a dash through customs and to two charter buses, the group was headed toward InBioparque, an ecological park created by Costa Rica’s institute of biodiversity. Every member of the group enjoyed an ethnic Costa Rican lunch, fruit fresher than ever, plus some rice and beans. Once finished with lunch members were briefed on Costa Rica’s unique environment. Members then had the chance to explore the four different forest types found in Costa Rica, encountering a number of animal species native to the tropics. Continue reading

How to be confident in an interview

Confidence is the key to a good interview.

Editor’s note: Steven Brockshus is the National FFA Central Region Vice President from Sibley, Iowa.

Written by Steven Brockshus

Let’s face it, interviews can be nerve-wracking. You walk into a room of random people, answer some questions and they get to know you a whole lot better than you get to know them.

While you might feel like a nervous wreck on the inside, it’s important to show confidence on the outside. Check out these few tips to not only look confident in the interview room, but be confident as well. Continue reading

National FFA Officers Meet With Secretary Arne Duncan

National FFA Officers meet with Arne Duncan

We’ve got a few photos today of a very cool and important visit this week involving the 2013-14 National FFA Officer Team.

The team (President Brian Walsh, Secretary Mitch Baker, Eastern Region Vice President Wes Davis, Central Region Vice President Steven Brockshus, Southern Region Vice President Jackson Harris and Western Region Vice President Jason Wetzler) met with and participated in an extended discussion with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Wednesday in Washington D.C. Continue reading

Officer 2 Officer: FFA Chapter Role Models

Are you an FFA chapter officer? Are you a role model?

If you answered yes to the first question, then you should be answering yes to the second, says Steven Brockshus. Watch Officer 2 Officer and learn how role models played a difference in the life of the 2013-14 National FFA Central Region Vice President.

Tell us: What steps do you take to be a role model in your FFA chapter?

Lindsey Anderson: “Pleasant as well as challenging”

Cranberries ready for harvest

Credit: Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association

In September I got a fresh reminder of the values illustrated by the FFA creed, specifically in the second paragraph:

“To live and work on a good farm or to be engaged in other agricultural pursuits can be pleasant as well as challenging.”

I was fortunate to spend a few days with the Wisconsin State FFA Officers on tour throughout their state, visiting agriculture businesses as well as a sectional leadership workshop each evening. We enjoyed seeing industries ranging from equipment manufacturing, to food processing and more. Continue reading

Impact FFA: National FFA Foundation Women’s Giving Circle

I Support FFA pinWith news that the National FFA Organization is continuing upward growth with new members and more chapters, the need for resources to fund critical programs, new ventures and innovative methods that further FFA and agriculture education everywhere is also expanding.

That’s why the National FFA Foundation has established a way for women in particular to make a difference in the lives of students by supporting programs through pooled resources. Impact FFA: Women’s Giving Circle then offers members a chance to cast a vote to choose an FFA program to support.

“For many of us, a gift of great magnitude may be in our hears (hearts) but is often beyond our individual means,” said Natalie Clayton, National FFA Foundation annual giving manager. “Impact FFA allows us to make a yearly gift that will result in a great impact.”

Impact FFA: Women’s Giving Circle embodies the power of collective giving in order to have a greater impact, and we are looking for loyal supporters just like you. Please connect with us so we may help you get involved with this extraordinary group of women.

The mechanics of Impact FFA: Women’s Giving Circle are pretty simple.

Continue reading

Brennan Costello: We Must Tell Our Story

FFA members compete in the Poultry Evaluation Career Development Event at the 2012 National FFA Convention & Expo in Indianapolis.

by Brennan Costello

A recent video by a food retail chain has launched a lot of dialogue around the way our food is produced in the United States. The theme of the video promotes locally grown food – a great part of American agriculture – but it also paints an often inaccurate picture of modern American agriculture.

As a student who has goal of a future career in the agriculture industry, this is concerning. Everyone needs to eat, meaning everyone is affected by our agriculture industry. This connection makes it imperative that the general public both trusts and supports what we do. But this trust and support isn’t something that just happens magically. We have to bring the story to the public.

How can you help this?

We need to tell the story of agriculture that is clear and honest. We need to tell the story of agriculture that we’re rightfully proud of. We have to demonstrate the measures that agriculturists across the country and across the globe take to ensure food safety and bountiful supplies.

I recently had the chance to see firsthand an agriculture education program taking strides to inform its students – all students, not just the agriculture students – about how food goes from farm to fork. Continue reading