Present a Workshop at the 88th National FFA Convention & Expo

Are you great with flip charts and ah-ha moments? Read on!

We are selecting presenters to deliver workshops at the 88th National FFA Convention & Expo in Louisville, Ky. Workshop presenters will present at least one workshop that they write themselves. The workshop objectives will be cross-walked to the National FFA Organization’s precepts for premier leadership, personal growth and career success.

Presenters must be available to arrive in Louisville between Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015, and Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015. Your exact presentation times will be provided at a later date.

All workshops must pertain to a minimum of one FFA precept. The precept(s) should be used to guide the content of your workshop. The precepts help define the three components of the FFA mission: FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

The presenter(s) will be paid $200 for development of a workshop and $100 per presentation. If a workshop has more than one presenter, the payment for development and presentation will be split among the presenters.

Here’s a list of FFA precepts:

Premier Leadership Influence

  • Action – Do you have the skills and competencies needed to achieve the desired results?
  • Relationships – Can you build a constituency through listening, coaching, understanding and appreciating others?
  • Vision – Have you set a clear image of what the future should be?
  • Character – Do you possess a collection of virtues by which to live your life?
  • Awareness – Do you have a quest for purposeful understanding?

Personal Growth ─ The positive evolution of the whole person.

  • Physical Growth – Are you striving to remain healthy by understanding, respecting and managing your body’s
  • Social Growth – Can you have successful interaction that respects the differences of a diverse and changing
  • Professional Growth – Do you have an awareness and application of skills necessary for career success?
  • Mental Growth – Are you developing the effective application of reasoning, thinking and coping?
  • Emotional Growth – Have you experienced the development of healthy responses to your feelings?
  • Spiritual Growth – Do you have the reflective inner strength to allow you to define your personal beliefs, values,
    principles, and sense of balance?

Career Success – Continuously demonstrating those qualities, attributes and skills necessary to succeed in, or further prepare for, a chosen profession while effectively contributing to society.

  • Communications – Have you developed the oral, written and verbal means whereby interaction takes place?
  • Decision Making – Do you have the ability to analyze a situation and execute an appropriate course of action?
  • Flexibility/Adaptability – Do you have the traits that allow you to be capable of and willing to change?
  • Technical/Function Skills in Agriculture – Do you have the knowledge and skills needed for a career in agriculture
    or related industries?

The application and outline is due June 15. Apply now!