Question for the Profession: How do you bring the world into your classroom?

We get asked all the time for stories about agricultural education students who are engaging in global activities. Companies, government officials and educators want to know how we are preparing our students to be a part of the world’s industry of agriculture. They want to know if our students are going to be up for the challenge of producing, setting policy and partnering with other countries to feed the world.

Frankly, we have to hunt for these stories. We know you are doing it, we just do not hear about it. You are working so hard every day that you don’t even think about sharing your global stories with others.

This month’s issue of FFA Pulse: Advisors Making a Difference has two great stories from Idaho and Oregon relating how agriculture educators are bringing the world into their classrooms. Also check out the Perspectives article from Idaho State Department of Agriculture’s bureau chief for her perspective on why it is so important that we give all students a global awareness of agriculture.

After reading, please share how you are bringing the world into your classroom on NAAE’s Communities of Practice. No effort is too small and will help those teachers who are struggling with infusing the topic into their instruction.

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