Vujicic Tells FFA Members to Shine and Be Kind

By Abbey Nickel

LOUISVILLE – He lives every day without arms or legs. For most people, that would be an obstacle to living a happy and meaningful life.  But for Nick Vujicic, his lack of limbs didn’t stop him from getting exactly what he wanted.  He used it to live a life dedicated to inspiring others and helping them overcome their own heartache.

Vujicic  served as the keynote speaker for the opening sessions of the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo, and used his trials and triumphs of living a life without arms or legs as an illustration to never give up – no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Vujicic said a janitor in his high school inspired him at the age of 17 to use his story to motivate others.

“Failure equals education. It’s okay to fail. If I fall down and I try a hundred times to get up, and I fail a hundred times, tell me, am I a failure?” he asked the audience. “Then why do you sometimes think you are? Give yourself a chance.   Miracles can come from your broken pieces.”

Vujicic explained how he endured bullying and teasing while he was in school and how those experiences helped him quickly realize that living a life with purpose and kindness is critical. He encouraged FFA members to live a life with an open heart and mind and to always show compassion and kindness.

“The fact is, you can’t change people. You can pray for them, you can love them, you can encourage them, but you can’t change them.  You can’t change everything, so figure out what you can change and change it for the better, whether it’s about yourself or about the world.  Take responsibility,” he said.

Vujicic told the crowd that one of his passions and goals is to help eliminate world hunger, and he believes that FFA members can be assets to ending the epidemic. Vujicic also said that he recently purchased a portion of land to grow vegetables to help put food on the table for needy families.

For Vujicic, agriculture is the answer to ending world hunger. But in order for that happen, the world needs FFA members to be the hands and feet to help put that plan in to action.

“I feel like everyone has a different place – and there are many different facets of agriculture to help combat this.   But we all need each other and we all have different gifts and talents.  We are all waiting on the billionaires to end world hunger; we shouldn’t.  We need to get together because we all play a part,” he said.

Vujicic is the founder of the Life Without Limbs Organization. For more information, visit

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