National FFA Officer Team Turns Team Boyband at 87th National FFA Convention & Expo

We really shouldn’t be surprised that it happened — it was really always going to come to this after the election a year ago — but we’re a little surprised about how well it was choreographed.

Yeah, the 2013-14 National FFA Officer Team went full boy band Friday night at convention. Team Boyband.

We won’t make you wait for the clip:

Yeah, the officer team nailed the routine from N’SYNC’s Bye, Bye, Bye for over a minute. No ankles were turned. No knees were skinned. And the final pose? Flawless.

FFA members on Twitter could hardly believe it:

And so did FFA staff:

Impressive effort, boys. Seriously.

4 comments on “National FFA Officer Team Turns Team Boyband at 87th National FFA Convention & Expo

  1. I do not want to come across as rude, but the level of professionalism is extremely low within this group. I do not want to argue or put anybody down, but the FFA is attempting to become more main stream. The national FFA is pushing so hard to make everyone feel the same that they have forgotten that most kids joined FFA because they didn’t belong in the other groups, they didn’t “fit-in” in the other groups, and they joined FFA because they did “fit in.” The FFA shouldn’t have to change and become more “modern”. However, it’s times like these when we should stick to the older traditions and act the part of Future Farmers of America.

    • I’m sorry Chance, but I don’t see your point. FFA members don’t join because they don’t fit anywhere else, they join because they want to be part of the worlds largest student led leadership organization. I also don’t see a lack of professionalism. These young men did a fantastic job of representing the FFA to everyone from members to stakeholders, to alumni over the past year. You need to understand that when they get to convention, they are interacting with young members, hence the “rockstar” status and acts. The National FFA Officers are known far and wide as some of the most professional advocates for agriculture in the world.

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