FFA Members Cultivate Superpowers for Health and Happiness

By Lauren Schwab

LOUISVILLE – Did you know you have superpowers? You do! It is within the realm of control to make healthy choices every day that can lead to a powerful future. In the “Cultivate Your Superpowers 101” workshop at the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo, FFA members acquired tools to help cultivate their inner wisdom to make wiser choices to unlock their natural superpowers.

Presenters Chaney Mosley and Anne Knapke explained to FFA members how overall health is a result of the choices we make. “We can embrace our inner wisdom to unlock the superpowers we have to be our best self every day. Our attitude and the choices we make are connected to our health,” Knapke said.

FFA members completed an exercise to identify things in their lives they do and don’t have control over. They realized they don’t have control over factors like the weather, their physical attributions, age, their parents’ decisions or how others react to them. However, five concepts of healthy living within their circle of control are stress, diet, exercise, sleep and attitude.

FFA members were challenged to make at least one commitment in each category to improve their health or well-being and identify a strategy for how they will implement change, such as having an accountability partner or crafting time to fulfill their commitment each week.

The workshop concluded by having FFA members conduct a personal health self-assessment to determine whether or not changes need to be made in order to live as their most powerful self.

“I learned how not getting enough sleep can really hurt my health by releasing cortisol. I realized how much more exercise I really do need to be healthy and reduce stress,” Austin Smith of the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter in Ohio said.

“I learned what is in my control and what is out of my control. This will make me less stressed by not worrying about what I can’t change,” Tessa Franklin of the Sutherlin FFA Chapter in Oregon said.

FFA members left the workshop ready to ignite their superpowers to make positive choices to prevent disease, depression and anxiety to live happier, healthier, “superpower”ful lives!

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