First Time Here? A Few Tips for New FFA Convention Attendees

By Kendall Herren

LOUISVILLE  First time to National FFA Convention & Expo?  Here are a few quick tips from other FFA chapters to make sure your first convention is a hit!

1. Don’t be shy, be open to trying new things – Redwater, Texas

Try that game or activity, meet new people, speak up in a group; step outside of your comfort zone and do new things!

2. Get ideas from other chapters – Riverdale, Wisconsin

Network and get new ideas for your chapter such as fundraising or social events.

3. Attend all of the sessions – Riverdale, Wisconsin

You will meet new people, learn new things, and have tons of fun doing it.

4. Relax & enjoy yourself – South Delta, Wisconsin

Take photos; add new friends on Facebook; but most of all, enjoy the memories.

5. Meet new people and fill out your book – Elk City, Oklahoma

Introduce yourself to others! You’ll be excited to know people the next year you come.

6. Wear the right attire to keep you comfortable – Philipsburgh, New Jersey

Girls: don’t wear heals – wear comfortable flats

Boys: wear thin slacks and dress shirts to stay cool

7. Check out the many career fair in the Expo – Clear Spring, Maryland

Whatever your interests may be, visit college booths to learn about opportunities, and win free stuff!

8. Don’t spend all of your money the first day – Philipsburgh, New Jersey

The shopping mall is open every day for the entire week, so take your time and find those favorite items you’ll wear 1000 times.

9. Get your sleep for the week – Crater, Oregon

Between the early mornings and late nights, get a good night’s sleep so you can enjoy convention all week.

10. Enjoy the food – Henry County, Kentucky

Enjoy food from over 25 different places at convention.

Have a great first National FFA Convention & Expo!

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