Can I Have Your Autograph? FFA Members Fill Guidebooks

By Lauren Schwab

LOUISVILLE – Imagine having a new friend from all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and all being in the same place at the same time. This is the reality for more than 60,000 FFA members who travel by car, bus and plane to meet in Louisville, Ky. for the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo.

FFA members flooded Freedom Hall Wednesday with excitement to meet their new friends wearing the blue jacket with their home state embroidered on the back. Rebecca Collin and Morgan Rutar from the Phillipsburg, New Jersey FFA Chapter are on a mission to get the autographs of FFA members from every state, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in their convention guide book. “Coming to convention makes you realize how big FFA is and what it is like for members where they are from,” Rutar said.

With added incentive from their advisor for a free dinner to the member with the most signatures from the Phillipsburg FFA Chapter, the girls plan to fill several guide books with autographs. “It’s so exciting to meet new people and the autograph page in the guide book gives us an excuse to talk to them, especially to boys.” Collin said. “I plan on getting another guide book tomorrow and collecting more autographs,” Rutar added.

The girls are certainly making the most of their time at convention by going all out to collect as many autographs as they can.

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