FFA Members Find a Unique Way to Tell Their Story


By: Kelly Fager, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Intern

Self-awareness is an important aspect for personal growth and expressing yourself through creativity allows growth to occur. “What’s Your Story?” was a student leadership workshop that explored these issues at the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo.

Interviewing an unfamiliar person can be frightening, but FFA members during this workshop were given the task. The workshop challenged FFA members to look into a stranger’s eyes and listen to their story.

“Interviewing allows members to meet other FFA members and ask in-depth questions,” said workshop presenter Linda Dennis, program manager of A Backpack Journalist. This organization helps youth — at risk, military, or teens find their voice.

She also said, with the FFA members not knowing each other, networking is the most important key for success. During the workshops members had another opportunity to interview on another and then took individual pictures of their partner.

“Fill the frame, shoot for the moment, control the background and look into your partner’s eyes,” said Dennis. “These are the most important points in telling someone’s story.”

Workshop participants were challenged to use those four pointers to take the best photo of their partner. After all photos were taken, the photos were shown to the audience and an e-book will be sent to participating FFA members. These photos told the story of each FFA members because all have a unique story to tell. What’s your story?

Kelly Fager is an agricultural communication major at The Ohio State University. Originally from Wauseon, Ohio, Kelly was a member of the Wauseon FFA Chapter and American degree recipient in 2012.

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