Six Ways to Learn Your Personal Leadership Style

FFA Convention

If you’ve been part of a team, group project or committee, you probably noticed that some people seem as if they were “born to lead.” Or maybe your friend can play the guitar or is an amazing artist. We all have our own unique talents, and these strengths can be used in many ways. When we identify our own natural abilities, we can focus on doing what we do best, but our team will also be able to accomplish more. The benefits of assessing your talents and strengths can help you succeed now, as well as launch a lifetime of achievement.

Dr. J. Scott Vernon is a professor in the Agricultural Education and Communications Department at Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo. A former California FFA member, he is president of the Livestock Publications Council, serves on the advisory board of the AgChat Foundation, and is founder and executive director of “I Love Farmers … They Feed My Soul.”

“Because of my leadership development, I recognize that you cannot lead unless there is a team,” Vernon says. “You must recognize your role in a team in order to optimize your leadership. You cannot do it alone.”

The best way to be a successful team member starts with knowing what you can contribute. Here are a few ways to assess your talents and strengths.

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