The Fall 2013 FFA New Horizons Magazine is Here!

aug_21_NH_coverThe Fall 2013 edition of FFA New Horizons, the official magazine of the National FFA Organization, is ready! Print editions are en route, and the digital edition is ready for you to check out here and on the New Horizons app! (You’ve downloaded the New Horizons app, right? Right?!)

We’re celebrating an important milestone this year in FFA: The 80th anniversary of the Official FFA Jacket! The most recognizable symbol of FFA, the Official FFA Jacket has been a source of pride for millions of FFA members. In FFA New Horizons, you’ll find a great feature story detailing the history of FFA and the iconic blue corduroy, plus plenty about what it means today. Be sure to check it out!

However, we must warn you: That’s only the beginning!

Also in this edition:

Once you’ve read through all of that great FFA material, we’ll be having a test to see how closely you read check out more facts, stories and features on the FFA New Horizons site.

As always, thanks for reading FFA New Horizons. Let us know in the comments what you liked, what you didn’t and, if you’re bored, what your favorite ice cream flavor is.

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