This Week in AgriBusiness Needs You!

thisweekinagYou may know This Week in AgriBusiness from it’s recent tribute to the Nevada FFA Chapter in Iowa. Or you perhaps know it better from another recent FFA Chapter Tribute to Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva Badger FFA. And if you don’t know those two? Well, there’s a whole list of FFA chapters who have been recognized by longtime FFA friends Orien Samuelson and Max Armstrong on one of the best television shows covering every aspect of agriculture.

Now, they’re looking for more!

The weekly television show is looking to showcase more FFA chapters across the country, and your FFA chapter could be the next one by filling out a simple form and sending us some photos. Fans of FFA and the weekly TV show across the country can’t wait to see the tremendous work, spirit and dedication of FFA members.

So what are you waiting for? Get to it! Fill out the form now, and make your FFA chapter famous!

FFA Chapter Tribute – Submission Form – Click Here

7 comments on “This Week in AgriBusiness Needs You!

  1. The Vega FFA Ag Mechanics Program is fantastic. They have made a name for themselves at San Antonio, Houston, & are well-known throughout the state. Please recognize and pay a big tribute to their enthusiasm, hard work, and accomplishments.

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