Waiting on a Train

Just a few weeks ago, Kalie and I had the opportunity to travel to the great State of Texas to visit with National FFA partners. After a day full of visits and driving around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, we found ourselves in a spot that no tired driver/passenger wants to be found in………


That’s right, we got stuck waiting on a train. You know they say that everything is bigger in Texas and the length of this train only confirmed that. As we waited for what seemed like an eternity, car after car in the line in front of us turned around and decided to take another route. To be honest after a few minutes and few more cars leading the way, we considered doing the same. That seemed to be the easier thing to do …..

Does this sound familiar? We often find ourselves in this very dilemma. Maybe we aren’t deciding on whether or not to wait on a train that is blocking our path but rather if we should run for a chapter, regional or state office again after a previous loss. Or maybe we are deciding whether or not a start another Supervised Agriculture Experience after our last project wasn’t as successful as we hoped. As we face these dilemmas during our lives remember there are three P’s that can help us make the decision that is best for us.

Path– No matter what the road block or obstacle is that we face, we have to remember that we chose this path for a reason. Maybe it was to follow a passion. Maybe it was to explore a future career goal. No matter the reason, constantly reminding our self of why we are on this path in our life will go a long way in helping us stay the course or choosing to take a different one.

Persistence-Not too many people on this earth have made significant impact by trying something once and giving up. It often takes us passionately pursuing our dreams and goals constantly for us to eventually achieve them. Through persistence we may even find that the way we can achieve these goals may not be what we first imagined.

Patience– Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are most of our big goals. All the of the work that we put in in school, FFA and our community will allow us to develop ourselves into the leaders and people that we need to be. For me it is often hard to see the value in losses or mishaps because I don’t receive instant gratification. However, I have found that achieving our desires is often a slow process and one that we may not always understand.In the end, if it is meant to be, through the highs and lows of our experiences we can reach our desired outcomes.

So the next time you are at a roadblock in your life and you have to make a decision, remember the 3 P’s of goal achievement and decide the route that is right for you!

Peace and Blessings,

Clay Sapp

National FFA President


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