Introducing our new video series “Officer 2 Officer”

Officer 2 Officer” is a new video series that allows the national FFA officer team to share news and information with local chapter officers. The national officers share exciting things going on at National FFA, some opportunities students can get involved in, and some tips on how to become great chapter officers.

In this, the first episode, Brennan Costello and Kalie Hall do a recap of National FFA Week, remind us to celebrate National Agriculture Day on March 19 and explain why everyone should attend the Washington Leadership Conference.

Do you have questions for the National FFA Officers ? Tweet them to @nationalffa with the hashtag #o2o or email them to Your question may be answered on the next episode of “Officer 2 Officer!”

And, finally, here are some notes on leadership from Kalie Hall, National FFA Secretary and co-host of “Officer 2 Officer:”

kalieThanks for joining us for our first officer to officer!  We want to grow together with you, and we’ll be using this blog to share some ideas to think about after each officer to officer session.  In this blog, I’d like to share a story from Tim Elmore’s Habitudes that raises some interesting questions for each of us.

The Great Wall           

The Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and construction began in 221 B.C. to protect the country from invasion.  In only the span of a century after the wall’s completion, China was invaded three times.  How?  Scaling over? Nope. Tunneling through? Not quite.  The invaders simply bribed the guard at the gate.  The strength or weakness of the wall wasn’t found in the intellect of the builders or the quality of the materials used in construction, but in the guards – their own people.

Our Walls

What if the strength of our FFA chapters doesn’t really lie in our meticulously written program of activities or number of plaques on the wall, but in our own members?  Maybe we’re spending the next month or two planning the perfect chapter banquet.  We’re all stressed out about what food to serve, what music to play, and who gets which speaking part.  What if we spent that much time investing in the members who will lead our chapters when the banquets are over?  Encourage that member who is always helping out to get involved on a leadership committee or chapter officer team.  Some of us have been working overtime preparing to compete in a state career development event, but have we made time to help that Greenhand with his agriscience project or listen to her practice the creed one more time?  Make time to invest what you’ve learned in the next generation of FFA members and future agriculturists.  We get so consumed with finishing our own to-do list before the next officer meeting, but have we taken time to look for ways to encourage our teammates and members with their projects?  Ask how you can help, and be prepared to jump in.

Our strength is in our members.  Focus on them, and watch our chapters grow strong!



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