TWOLO! (The World Only Lives Once)

Mount Dora

Members of Mount Dora FFA chapter in Florida put an interesting twist on a popular slogan to help teach their community about the importance of recycling.

“YOLO” stands for “You Only Live Once.” “TWOLO,” according the Mount Dora members,  means “The World Only Lives Once,” so we better take care of it the best we can.

The members wanted to get this message out to the public, so they applied and received a Living to Serve: Environmental Grant. The grant gave them the funding they needed to develop materials and implement a recycling program.

To help get their message out to the public, they wrote and recorded a rap song. They also designed artwork for signs and handouts and developed lesson plans for elementary, middle school and high school students.

You may think that with all the time they were putting into their educational efforts, they’d have little time left to actually implement a recycling program. But, the students also worked with the City of Mount Dora to select the appropriate recycling containers and manage the collection of recyclable materials for their schools and the downtown area.

While the community was learning about the importance of recycling, the students were learning some important lessons of their own. From the “artists” to the singers, to the poets and the planners, everyone soon found they had gifts, talents, and ideas to contribute to the cause. And, they learned all about problem solving, planning and collaboration — lessons that help them to continue to make a difference in their communities, long after they leave high school and FFA.

Does your chapter have a great idea for tackling an environmental issue? Mark your calendar for April 1, when the 2013 Living to Serve: Environmental Grant application will be available.

Environmental Grants are sponsored by CSX as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.


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