Become an Associate FFA Alumni Member

Associate membership is a five-year, no-cost membership for recent high school graduates to keep them connected with FFA and engaged with FFA Alumni. 1024px-Graduation_Happiness

Starting spring 2013 all graduating seniors will receive a five-year gifted membership to the National FFA Alumni Association. These students will be able to log into their Agricultural Career Network profile in late spring and opt-in to become an Associate member.

The membership will allow the FFA Alumni an opportunity to stay connected with those active FFA members as they move into their next phase of the FFA cycle and remain “Forever Blue”. After the five year membership to remain engaged those members must purchase a level of membership. The membership grants members electronic communication, free portals in the Ag Career Network, access to all discounts, access to the National FFA Alumni Convention and the FFA Alumni Development Conference.

Check out this document more information or contact the National FFA Alumni Association at


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