This Year’s Convention Delegate Committee Issues

Each year at the national FFA convention, up to 475 delegates convene to debate and vote on issues that effect FFA members across the country.

Here are the issues that will be considered at this year’s national FFA convention. They were decided upon this past week by officers in attendance at the State Presidents’ Conference.

  • Creation of a Discussion Meet
    Explore a discussion based career development event focused on topics related to agriculture.
  • Evaluation of Proficiency Award Areas
    Explore expanding current, or creating new, proficiency award areas inclusive of students engaged in urban agriculture or food service.
  • Agricultural Equipment Operation and Safety
    Explore the creation of a career development event which addresses agricultural equipment operation and safety.
  • Creation of an Agricultural Summit
    Explore the development of an experience that engages students in agricultural advocacy and industry.
  • Agricultural Education Career Development Event
    Explore the creation of a national agricultural education career development event based on the skills, competencies, and knowledge required for a career as an agricultural educator.
  • Aquaculture Career Development Event
    Explore the creation of an event that prepares students for a career in the aquaculture industry.

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