Costa Rica Chronicles, Day 1: Miami to San José to Saripiqui

From June 13-21, finalists from the 2011 FFA national proficiency awards and American Star awards are participating in a travel seminar to Costa Rica. The seminar allows participants to develop a global perspective and become more culturally aware of the diversity in agriculture around the world.  Nearly each day, one team from the group will file a dispatch here about their travel.

June 13, 2012
9:53 PM CST (UTC−6)
Sarapiquí, Costa Rica

Hola from Costa Rica!

We had a very long, yet very exciting first day. The day began early in Miami as prepared for our flight into San José, Costa Rica. After clearing security, boarding and then our three-hour flight with time changes, we were on our way! We cleared customs at Juan Santamaria International Airport and were officially welcomed to Costa Rica without a hitch, and we are all very excited to be here safe and sound.

After boarding our tour busses with our Costa Rican guides, we tookoff for lunch at a very nice hotel. Following, we ventured to our first location in Saripiqui. However, due to a mudslide the main road was closed and we were forced to take the “scenic” route that took four and half hours instead of the usual one and a half hours.

We have learned and experienced plenty so far in our brief time in Costa Rica. Some observations from the beautiful country include facts such as that there are no postal addresses, the roads are very curvy, the hydrangeas are huge and that coffee plants seem to grow everywhere! As we traveled through the cloud forest region we saw huge “Poor Man Umbrella Plants” and a raging waterfall due to all of the rain. It’s currently the rainy season in Costa Rica, and the bugs are already biting.

Tomorrow we go to the EARTH University and visit a banana plantation. Until tomorrow, pura vida (pure life)!

— Team 2 “American Cheese

Leader: Valerie K. (Ohio), Christian A. (California), Dustin D. (Minnesota), Kim G. (Illinois), Chelsey K. (Ohio), Barrett P. (Oklahoma), Marshall S. (South Dakota), Cody T. (Tennessee)


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