FFA Agricultural Career Network connects students with employers

Today, we’re announcing a first-of-its-kind formation of partnerships that will help our members acheive career success!

We are working in collaboration with Career Cruising, a provider of age-appropriate career planners, assessments and other resources; and AgCareers.com, a leading provider of Human Resources services to agricultural companies to offer valuable career tools and resources through the Agricultural Career Network.

Launched last December, AgCN is a nationwide system designed to help FFA members document their educational achievements, create robust portfolios, and pursue award, scholarship, internship and employment opportunities. The network will provide a database of students who are interested in particular career fields within the industry.

Through our relationship with Career Cruising, members will have easy access to career information within selected fields of interest. Career Cruising will provide online career exploration tools that lead to recommending classwork and hands-on learning opportunities while guiding members along a path tailored to their abilities. With its ccInspire platform, Career Cruising connects individuals to career mentors and employers in their community.

The partnership with AgCareers.com will allow members to search for career opportunities within their particular field of study or within a selected geographic area through a very robust job board. By including these tools on AgCN, FFA members will have a convenient home for career exploration. The partnership will continue to provide members with job placement access throughout their postsecondary educations as they pursue internship and career options.

These additional features will allow AgCN to intuitively identify career paths for our students based on their interests, accomplishments and achievements.

The new career enhancements to the AgCN will be available to students beginning in the fall of 2012. In addition, graduating FFA members will be offered a free, five-year associate membership in the National FFA Alumni Association, which will allow for continued network access beyond their years of active FFA membership.

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