Culture and Karaoke

Our first day in Malaysia was spent getting acquainted with Malaysian culture. Our team participated in a wide variety of activities including, snorkeling, jet skiing, boating and hiking.  While snorkeling and boating we had the opportunity to indulge ourselves in the Malaysian culture by visiting local shops and cafes and interacting with the residents of Pangkor Island.

Before we headed to dinner, we did our S.W.O.T. (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis reflecting our time in Vietnam. Some of the strengths we saw in Vietnam include: agricultural diversity, utilization of resources and an increased consumption. Weaknesses present in Vietnam include: lack of infrastructure and poor food security methods. With every developing country there are many opportunities for growth. The opportunities we saw in Vietnam includes: a shift in protein sources, a demand for Vietnamese commodities and increased trade through the coastline. Along with opportunities come threats which include: disease outbreak, feeding a growing population and the inability to compete with China in the marketplace.

After dinner we were able to partake in some karaoke at our restaurant before heading back to the hotel to pack and prepare for Monday.  Tomorrow we will continue our journey in Malaysia by beginning our day touring a flour mill, feed mill and a poultry processing plant. In the afternoon we will head to Kuala Lumpur for dinner and to spend the next few days gaining new experiences in Malaysia to take back home.

By: Sarah Warren – University of California – Davis and McKenzie Baecker – University of Wisconsin – River Falls



2 comments on “Culture and Karaoke

  1. The excellent report on traveling, it really is very interesting. Prompt, you used what travel agency, and how you prepared documents and visas to all countries?

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