Puerto Rico Convención Estatal FFA!

The Puerto Rico FFA Convention ends today. We hope that everyone had a great time and learned a lot!

Here are some things we bet you didn’t know about Puerto Rico:

  • Coffee, tobacco, and milk remain traditional farm products in Puerto Rico, but several farms are dedicated to specialized products for local and export markets, such as pineapples, mangoes, melons, and other tropical fruits, as well as beef, pork, poultry, and eggs.
  • Puerto Rico was discovered by Christopher Columbus, who claimed it for Spain in 1493, during his second voyage to the new world. In 1898, with the end of the American-Spanish War, Puerto Rico became a part of the United States. Puerto Rico is a free associated territory of the United States. Since 1917, all Puerto Ricans are born as American citizens.
  • Both Spanish and English are the official languages of the island, however, the Spanish language is undoubtedly more prominent.
  • The island comprises 270 miles of beachfront, known for its quality and vastness. The variety of beaches is simply overwhelming. Black, magnetic sand beaches, beaches with rusty military tank color and many more majestic beaches are housed by the island. These glorious beaches make Puerto Rico a favorite tourist destination.
  • Puerto Rican cuisine is unique, even though it is a blend of Mexican and Spanish culinary traditions. This is due to the addition of indigenous ingredients such as papaya, apio, plantains, coriander, cocoa and nispero, that give the cuisine its authentic island flavor.
  • The unofficial mascot of the island is a tiny tree frog called ‘Coqui’, that is found only in Puerto Rico. This frog is a cute and popularly loved symbol of the island. Its powerful melodic voice and high pitched, chirpy song can be heard for miles. The sound it makes creates romantic evenings across the island.
  • Puerto Rico houses the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope in the world, measuring thousand feet in diameter and spanning almost 20 acres. It is also the most sensitive radio telescope in the world. It has the capability of probing objects 10 billion light years away and is the only radio telescope in the world that can accurately predict when and where an asteroid would hit the Earth!


For more information about the Puerto Rico FFA Association, check out their Facebook page.


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