The Maine Event

The Maine FFA Association is wrapping up their state convention today. We hope you all had an amazing time!

In honor of or friends in the Pine Tree State, here are some facts about agriculture in Maine:

• Maine leads the world in production of wild blueberries.
• Maine is 2nd in the nation in the production of maple syrup and Maine’s Somerset County produces more maple syrup than any other county in the country.
• Maine ranks 8th in the nation among producers of fall potatoes.
• Many Maine farmers are producing fresh fruit and vegetable crops and value-added agricultural products for direct sale to consumers.

• Maine boasts a vibrant and diverse organic farming community and many Maine farmers are involved in sustainable agricultural production.
• Maine’s dairy industry is consistently among the state’s leading agricultural sectors.
• Maine leads the nation in production of brown eggs.
• Maine’s beef industry is rapidly expanding and finding important new markets.
• Sheep, goats, hogs, equine and poultry have always been important on Maine farms; new
livestock ventures such as elk and deer herds, as well as camelids (llama and alpaca) and ratities
(emu) are becoming more common on Maine farms.

For more information about the Maine FFA Association check out their website.


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