Oklahoma, you’re OK!

Today marks the beginning of the Oklahoma FFA Convention. We know it will be a major success!

In honor of their 86th convention, here are some interesting facts about Agriculture in The Sooner State:

• Winter wheat, hay, corn for grain, peanuts and pecans are the top Oklahoma crops.

• Hay is a good crop to grow on land that is rolling and steep. These lands would erode away if they were tilled for row crops. Native grass and alfalfa are the most popular kind of hay to grow.

• Oklahoma ranks 5th in the nation in the production of winter wheat, 5th in the production of pecans, 1st in the production of rye, 5th in the production of grain sorghum, 6th in peanuts, 22nd in peaches and 15th in watermelons.

• Oklahoma produced over 81.6 million bushels of winter wheat and 16,000 pounds of pecans in 2005. Oklahoma has 2.5 million cattle, 80,000 sheep, 5.65 million chickens, 2.35 million hogs and 150,142 horses.

• Oklahoma ranks 5th in the nation in cattle and calf production, 8th in hogs production and 17th in broiler production.

• Oklahoma beef cattle, hogs and sheep produce 3.22 billion pounds of meat per year.

• Oklahoma poultry produce 933 million eggs per year.

• Oklahoma has over 44 million acres of land.

• The grocery shopping cart was invented and first used in Oklahoma.

• Oklahoma is a grassland and home to one of the last remaining tall grass prairie preserves, located in Osage county in the northwest part of the state.

For more information about the Oklahoma FFA Association, check out their website.


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