Believe in the Promise

While so much has changed about agriculture-from production and science to business and technology, FFA’s mission has remained rock solid: we develop the potential of students for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Hear what the National FFA officers have to say about their belief in the future of agriculture and FFA:

The future is bright and FFA will help ensure that agriculture and leadership continue to thrive. National FFA Chief Executive Officer, Dwight Armstrong, outlines some of the exciting new initiatives that FFA is undertaking. And National FFA President, Ryan Best, shares his vision for the future of agriculture.

Staying CONNECT!ed
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9 comments on “Believe in the Promise

  1. I have made comments several times, but have yet to hear from anyone. I was an FFA member starting in 1942. Chapter President for four years. State President in 1946. I was proud to wear the blue jacket and am still proud at 83 to see it on our youth. My concern is the direction Agriculture is heading.. I blieve in what God blessed us with our soil. In 1950 on our small farm in Vermont I started experipenting with Organic Farming verus Chemicals. By 1953 I changed totally to Organic on our 32 cow Dairy farm and never used any more Chemcal fertilizer,insecticide or herbicides. In 1958 I won the New England in Winter Green pastures Contest over several hunder Dairymen. The New Engalsnd Judges gave me the best Dariy Man prize for the best roughage, healthest herd and 4% milk equivelent with my Jersey Herd. I wiil continue as I am running out of space . .

  2. I also won many hay awards at the Vermont Farm Show in February. Three yaers in a row with 99.7, 99.5 and 99.5 out of 100 points untill they would not Judge it anymore. In 2010 I was encuraged to write a Book becuse I talked so much about my Organic Farming and now Organic Gardening here in Goode Virginia. I can out grow most Gardeners, Had my ten year old garden tested last fall. It tested perfect in all elements even in Nitrogen. Have never used any chemicals or inecticides or herbicides. It has 9..6% Organic matter in this clay soil and a little to high in PH. The Test came out as I had hoped. I am concerned about the shortage of Phosphorous in this Country Thirty years is not long to go. It is time for trying some alternative ways to grow our food and save our soil at the sametime. I explain in the Book Learned by the Fencepost (Lessons in Organic Farming & Gardening) Continued again

  3. I would like to send on to ether an FFA Adviser Or an FFA Member that would take an interest in Organic Agriculture. I have just touched on a few items that are in the book. You will find I did not agree with all the Billinare Chemicals Companies as they have over loade the Farmers for years. Now the Farmsers and Tax payers are being hit with cleaning up the water way because of pollution. I have written to the EPA, DEQ and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, They still blame the Farmers. Several Colleges are doing Organic Research with 15 million dollar Grants from the USDA. It just stared a couple of years ago. I senr the Book to some Colleges ans got reprimanded for doing so. I asked are doing Organic Research. (Yes ) I just skimmed your book and I may pass it up. I asked a few question and no answer. I asked what is your job? He was the gProfessor doing the Grant writin; Continue again. .

  4. Sorry I did not edit the last comments. I am a lay Person with only Logic and observation. I have been told that I am not Scientific so my experinece is not worth much. I have tried to read some of the Scientifis books and they take several years and many volumes of charts and graphs that I can not understand. Any grade school student can understand my writing. the book is on Amazon in the title Learned by the Fencepost. Stroll to Generations of Organic by Dr Charles Benbrook and listen to his Vidio. It will make a big differents in ones thinking. He and I agree close to 90% of the dangers of all the Chemicals. My theme is Soil, Food and Health in this Order, I do not know of any food that does not come from the soil. Maybe seafood but I will guess there is a connection. Please give me a comment. Good or Bad I am used to both.

    • Hi, Donald! It’s great to see that you are so passionate about agriculture. Our FFA members come from diverse backgrounds. Some have “conventional” farming backgrounds. Others have organic farming backgrounds. Some have no farming background at all, but are interested in careers in agriculture because they want to help to feed the world and protect our natural resources. Our aim is to educate students about the problems facing the world, like hunger, and prepare them with the skills and knowledge they need to solve those problems once they enter the workforce.

  5. I was hoping I can send a book Learned by the Fencepost to an interested FFA represntive. I do not expect to make big money. I am concerned about the big chamical companies that are pushing there products on the Farmers. Agriculture Chemical Saalemen are Billinares. Why are the Farmers and Tax payers geting hit to clean up the water ways. Also the GMO produced food is very unhealthy. Root rot and fungus is showing up now..Planting 3200 from 1700 plants per acre and using more phosphate. The experts say ethonal is renewable Not true as phosphorous has only 30 years left. The corn ethonal is causing Dairy Farmers and Beef Frmers big problems.. Since I wrote the book in October 2010 many problems are coming to the surface. The chemical compies chose greed over humanity. Hope to from someone abou where to send a book.

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