The Wyoming FFA Convention starts today!

The Wyoming FFA Association is “cultivating character” this week at their state convention. We hope everyone has an amazing time!

Here are some interesting facts about agriculture in The Equality State:

  • Wyoming grows hay, barley, wheat, dry edible beans, sugarbeets and corn. Hay is the leadingcrop in Wyoming in terms of value of production – $65 million in 2008. Barley had the next highestcrop value in 2008, at $32 million followed by wheat at $31 million followed by corn for grain at $28 million.
  • Wyoming ranks 8th nationwide in barley production, 20th in Hay, and 33rd in wheat production.
  • The cattle industry is by far the largest component of Wyoming agriculture. Cattle led the way in
    2008 in terms of value of production at $599 million dollars.
  • Wyoming sheep producers produced 3,124,299 pounds of wool in 2007. Wyoming is ranked 4th
    in lambs and sheep. Wyoming inventory of sheep and lambs was 411,952 head. Ewes one year
    old and older was 258,096 in 2008.
  • Livestock inventories for Hogs and pigs in 2007 was107,180, Horses and ponies at 80,476, and
    colonies of bees were 45,633.




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