We believe… in Growth

We believe that all FFA members have the potential to make important contributions to society. Discover your talents. Seek out new experiences and learning opportunities.  Always work toward becoming an even better version of yourself. Use your skills and knowledge to serve others.


2 comments on “We believe… in Growth

  1. You should consider crediting the designer or photographer when you use an image in a post. I realize that you link to the artist’s tumblr, but I think that proper credit and a note that you using under a Creative Commons license (if that’s accurate) in the image’s caption would be a more honest notation, befitting an organization like the FFA.

  2. Hi, Ashley! Thanks for your feedback! We felt that we had provided adequate credit in linking back to the artist’s Tumblr, and that it would be okay to use the image for non-commercial, educational purposes. However, we have removed the image due to your concerns. It was not our intent to infringe on any copyrighted material.

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