Building better bodies.

North-Linn FFA in Troy Hills, Iowa, launched the “Bod Squad” in an effort to help members develop better fitness habits. As part of the program, members would keep track of their physical activity during a 100-day competition.

Participants stated their initial physical goals and logged their activity weekly on a wall chart at school so they could calculate their accomplishments and see if they were meeting the goals. Members who tallied more than 150 hours, lowered their resting heart rate/blood pressure readings and met their physical goals were awarded an FFA wellness T-shirt from the membership development committee.

Forty-five FFA members participated in the Bod Squad, and all of them surpassed the goal of 150 hours of activity, averaging 236.6 hours of activity. In total, 10,410 hours of activity were recorded – no small feat.

Thirty-four participants improved their blood pressure readings and reduced their heart rates, learning a valuable lesson about staying active while enjoying a little friendly competition with their fellow FFA members.

North Linn FFA was a finalist in the 2010 National Chapter Models of Innovation Award program in the area of Student Development.

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