ILSSO – Shanghai and Suzhou

Today started out as a very early morning! With a a wake up call at 5:30 am, we sprung out of bed ready to board our flight to Shanghai. China’s airport security was some what different than America’s TSA; with efficient passage yet a very simplistic search routine. After our two hour flight we arrived at the Shanghai airport. We then collected our luggage and proceeded to partake in China’s version of “fast food.” Upon refueling it was time to load the buses and head to Suzhou; along the route we were able to see China’s maglev railway system which is capable of moving 430 km per hour or 257 mph.

On the way to our destination we stopped at the Suntory group beer brewery. Here we were able to learn how raw agricultural commodities such as rice, barley, and hops are converted into their local beverages. As there is no set drinking age in China this beverage has a common market all across the nation.  This brewery is capable of making over 200,000 metric tons of alcohol per year.  We learned the differences in dark and light products as well as saw their packaging facilities.

With today being primarily a travel day, our group was deep in the heart of a traffic jam. All though there is a test required to receive a drivers license, the rules and regulations we are accustomed to would get us no where if we were driving in the Chinese rush hour, Jackie Chan couldn’t even fight his way through this insanity. After a hearty meal at a local restaurant we arrived safely at our hotel with an unexpected surprise…karaoke.

Team Ni Hao

Tori – Virginia

Bethany – Nebraska

Charlie – Florida

Sarah – Montana

Clayton – Illinois

Paul – South Dakota

Caleb – Oregon

Peyton – Tennessee

Kurt – Kansas

Maggie – Virginia

Shelby – Florida

Katie – South Carolina

Chris – Illinois

Adam – Louisiana

Chelsea – Minnesota

Karli – Washington

3 comments on “ILSSO – Shanghai and Suzhou

  1. Love the post. We cannot wait to hear all of the stories and see the pictures. What an awesome experience for all of you. Thank you once again to the FFA! Hope everyone is having a great time! Safe travels.

    Paul, Peggy and Katie Tobin
    from Illinois
    (Jim’s family)

  2. Sounds like everyone is having a great time and experiencing a lot. Stay safe and have fun. Enjoying reading about your adventure Peyton!! Miss ya.

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