ILSSO – the Xinfadi Agricultural Products Wholesale Market

After a great night sleep we met our tour guides for our first day of agriculture tours. What a better way to start of the morning than going through 1,666,666 sq ft of the Xinfadi Agricultural Products Wholesale Market.

At this market, fruits, vegetables and meat was sold. Of the imported products to the market, 40% were from the USA. The goods were examined by a non-profit organization to check for quality. The market is open 24 hours a day, with the peak time being midnight to 7 a.m. the next morning, and more then 50,000 people coming in each day. The biggest shock we had was when we went to the meat division of the market. Little sanitation methods were practiced so definitely not like USDA standards. Meat was on the floor, no gloves were worn and no refrigeration was provided – very different from the USA.

For lunch we participated in a hot pot meal while enjoying American karaoke. The waitresses definitely had fun taking pictures with us. Surprisingly the beef farm that provided the hot pot lunch was literally in the back yard and had many similarities to many feed lots back home, but manual labor was much more utilized. The animals were very docile and quiet as people were in and out cleaning pens and feeding.


Later in the afternoon we experienced a traditional tea ceremony and got to try the five major types of tea- black, green, flower, white, leeche. We finished up our day exploring the city and discovering its many shops. Goodnight to all back home!


Group MooMa!

Group Leader: Katy Mumaw

Gillian- New Jersey

Brennan- Nebraska

Zach- Louisiana

Katie- Texas

Ryan- Oregon

Hillary- Minnesota

Nicole- Oregon

Kyle- Washington

Katie- Virginia

Victoria- Arkansas

Jacob- Illinois

Julia- Florida

Hannah- North Carolina

John- North Carolina

McKehna- Nebraska


3 comments on “ILSSO – the Xinfadi Agricultural Products Wholesale Market

  1. Looks like that the team is having a good time!!!! Let Hannah know that we enjoy her calls and hoping that she is have a good time!!!!

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