Elevating the elderly

Columbus, Texas, is a small town with several assisted-living facilities. Many Columbus FFA members know someone who is living in such a home – so they reached out to one of these facilities to promote interaction between FFA members and residents, hoping to remind the residents that they are still a valuable part of the community.

Each month, Columbus FFA members spent time with elderly residents living at the Oaks Assisted Living Residence. They planned events with the help of the Oaks activity director and chose entertainment in which the residents had expressed an interest. Some of the activities they organized were a pizza party, a Coke float party, a pajama party and spring table decorations.

FFA members participated with zeal! Thirty-eight Junior FFA members and officers participated in the pajama party, during which residents and FFA members wore pajamas and drank hot chocolate by the fireplace.

In April, FFA members were invited to a reception honoring those who volunteered and supported the assisted-living facility.

In May, a graduation party was held for the senior FFA members. Residents of the facility gave the students gifts in appreciation for making them feel important – and loved.

Columbus FFA was a finalist in the 2010 National Chapter Models of Innovation award program in the area of Community Development.


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