Please do feed the animals.

When the economy struggles as it has in recent years, people are sometimes unable to care for their pets. That’s why Brooksville Sr. FFA set out to help animals in their area.

Their goal was to obtain animal food donations to distribute to low-income families in Hernando County, Fla. The group asked local veterinarians about any side effects of mixing pet foods and then met with local food banks to assess the need for pet food in the community. Finally, they searched for willing participants to donate pet food.

Along with the Stone Ministries, Wal-Mart DC #6020 and the Brooksville Sr. FFA Alumni Association helped with food donations by gathering pet food that would have otherwise been wasted or thrown away due to damaged bags in stores.

In all, Brooksville Sr. FFA gathered donations of 2,100 bags of pet food for dogs, cats and birds. Members mixed the bags of food, stenciled proper identification on each bag and made sure all equipment was cleaned between the bagging for different species.

Thanks to the efforts of Brooksville Sr. FFA, dozens of families were able to provide for their pets without cutting other important parts of their family budget.

That’s something everyone – even Fido –can smile about.

The Brooksville Sr. FFA chapter was a finalist in the 2010 National Chapter Models of Innovation award program in the area of Community Development.

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