Go ahead, quiz me.

East Lawrence FFA in Trinity, Ala., set out to create a Quiz Bowl for seventh- and eighth grade Alabama FFA members. The idea was to start local and ultimately grow the Quiz Bowl to a state level.

The chapter built the Quiz Bowl from the bottom up, from rules and regulations to test questions. FFA members spent long hours perfecting the quiz, which was made up of questions on ag science, FFA knowledge, parliamentary procedure and general curriculum from the seventh and eighth grades.

The Quiz Bowl was held in the north, central and south FFA districts of Alabama, and included a written exam, a team worksheet, and head-to-head competition. There was even a sudden-death tiebreaker, just in case.

A moderator read questions to each student and had the final say about whether or not the answers were correct. Although not everyone was a winner, everyone who participated – 100 percent of the chapter’s membership, in fact – came away with a valuable experience they hope to use by showing other chapters how to run their own Quiz Bowls.

East Lawrence FFA was a finalist in the 2010 National Chapter Models of Innovation award competition in the area of chapter development.

2 comments on “Go ahead, quiz me.

  1. I like the Quiz Bowl it has to be a good leraning oppotunity. I hope some questions will be asked about organic farming and gardening. It is growing 20% a year and for a very good reason. To many chemicals are going into the soil promoting unhealthy food and polluted water ways. I wrote a book Learned by the Fencepost. It is on Amazon in this name. My theme is SOIL, FOOD and HEALTH in this order. I was Vermont State FFA President in 1946. Recieved the American Farmers Degree in 1947. I am 83 and have remembered that being an FFA member was one of the greatest values I learned. I changed to Organic Dairy Farming in 1953. In 1958 I won the New England jn Winter Green Pastures Contest over several hundred conventinal dairy farmers. The book has been reviewed as a Story, Information and Teaching. I having found since writing the book the younger generation is very interested in Organlc Agriculture. I explained as a lay person what the differance is in Organic versus Chemical. I won many awards without using chemical fertilizer, insecticides or herbicides. I would be pleased to give a good discount to the young FFA members. I am so pleased to learn that the FFA is so active. Keep up the good work and the Quiz Bowl it is a great program.

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