Welcome, everyone, to the 84th National FFA Convention!

The convention main stage inside of Indianapolis' Conseco Fieldhouse during rehearsals

Can you believe it? We’re back at it again here in Indianapolis, celebrating the talents and accomplishments of FFA members nationwide, at the 84th National FFA Convention. This year’s theme? Just take a look at the fancy logo on the right: “I Believe.”

We’ve already started the first rounds of competition for national finalists in Career Development Events, and the 197,000-square foot Agricultural Career Show opens today at 12:30pm. Then, today at 4:00pm/ET the first general session kicks off the 84th version of this terrific tradition in the best way possible.

Don’t let the official start date of convention — today, Oct. 19 — fool you. Folks in downtown Indianapolis started seeing the iconic corduroy jacket over the weekend as 38 National Officer Candidates put all of their hard work and preparation on the line during interviews for the most prestigious FFA office.

Monday, 475 delegates from each FFA state association got to work in Indianapolis on the key issues they’re charged with handling. The delegates serve as a congress of FFA, making decisions about programs, rules and more through a parliamentary process. 90 of those delegates even took part in the first ever social media training to be held at a national FFA convention, thanks to support from Rabo AgriFinance and AdFarm.

On this blog, we’ll be updating you as we go with quick stories here, there and everywhere about all of the convention proceedings and events. We have an entire newsroom crew dedicated to telling the story of the 84th National FFA Convention. Here’s hoping that you can enjoy the ride!

We’ll be updating you in several places other than this blog, too. Including:


2 comments on “Welcome, everyone, to the 84th National FFA Convention!

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  2. Hope FFA had a wonderful convention. I so wish I had been a part of an organization such as thing one. We need more students to be a part of these and show leadership and take initiative in their communities. Thanks FFA for always doing your part in helping develop student leaders.

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