Idle thoughts: Where would you cast an FFA member on TV?

by Dustin Petty, 84th National FFA Convention Newsroom Contributor

As we sit here in Indianapolis waiting for the 84th National FFA Convention to begin in earnest, I couldn’t help but think about how to keep growing the National Blue and Corn Gold. With record highs in membership and national convention attendance, the FFA’s profile has never been higher. How, then, can we increase the brand of FFA more, making even those not proficient in agriculture knowledgeable about our organization?

Cast FFA members in popular American TV shows, of course!

Here are just a few suggestions:

Glee: Anyone who’s attended a convention session featuring the National FFA Choir knows that our members can belt it like Aretha and croon like Sinatra. What better way to showcase this to a nationwide audience than to have a blue corduroy clad member join the New Directions? Even Sue Sylvester will think this is a keen idea.

True Blood: Those scantily-dressed creatures of the night need an FFA member to teach them how to get their nutritional sustenance from a medium-rare porterhouse and leave the blood-sucking to the sparkly Twilight crew.

Mad Men: We know that Don Draper and his crew have some experience with the agriculture industry (if you haven’t seen the episode with the John Deere lawnmower, please make it a priority), so why not have the team come work to develop a marketing campaign for the dapper ‘60s Future Farmer fellas? Perhaps they can teach Don to make better life choices, too. Just saying.

The Simpsons: Isn’t it time that Springfield get an FFA chapter? With Bart as chairperson, I see some cutthroat parliamentary procedure contests against neighboring Shelbyville.

What TV show would you like to see FFA members appear on?

5 comments on “Idle thoughts: Where would you cast an FFA member on TV?

  1. FFA members on TV is a great idea, but why just a cameo appearance on a well-known TV show. Why not create a TV show solely on a fictional FFA chapter. The show could highlight contest season, national and state conventions, barnwarming, FFA Camp, fundraisers, chapter officer interviews, etc. Plenty of content…don’t you think? Entertaining drama that promotes the largest youth organization and agriculture at the same time. Could it get any better? All you would need is funding…who is interested in sponsoring this?

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