Can you meet someone from all 52 FFA associations?

by Kara Miller, 84th National FFA Convention Newsroom Intern

Have you seen your fellow FFA members wandering around the FFA Shopping Mall and the Career Show with their convention guidebooks open?  If you didn’t  already know, located on page 54 of your convention guidebook there are two pages that list all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Our challenge to you is to get a signature from an FFA member in each of those 52 locales.  There are so many events going on at FFA convention, but this unique opportunity gives you the ongoing chance to meet new people and develop new friendships that could last a lifetime.

If you are unable to make it to convention this year, we encourage you to use other opportunities such as FFA Nation, FFA Connect, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  The opportunities are endless to create new friendships within the National FFA Organization!


4 comments on “Can you meet someone from all 52 FFA associations?

  1. Great time trying to find all those people! Definitely doing it next year! I had more fun talking to people! 😀
    – Indiana Girl

  2. I got most of them and my sisters got all but he Virgin Islands who apparently went home early and had to remove their jackets because the two of them were getting attacked!!

  3. I almost got them all!! But I was attacked several times. They were so little Puerto Ricans that every time we went somewhere people would ask for our signature! It was fun!!

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