Bringing in the Harvestfest.

Members of the Springport FFA committee set out to organize a district-wide luncheon to celebrate food grown in and near Springport, Mich., launching a new event called Harvestfest.

The committee employed the services of a nutrition coordinator, and they contacted local farmers to acquire food for the feast. Groups and organizations including the Farm-to-School Committee, SAGA,

Springport PTA, school food service and student council contributed volunteer time or money to support Harvestfest. A total of $150 in cash and $600 worth of food donations was given to the program.

One thousand thirty-five local-food meals were served during the event. Sixty FFA members volunteered for Harvestfest and used the time during their agriculture class so they would not miss other classes.

FFA members worked hard decorating and preparing the meal for Harvestfest. They even organized a game of musical chairs for everyone involved. The results of the first-time event were overwhelmingly successful, both for Springport FFA and for the community at large.

The Springport FFA Chapter was a finalist in the 2010 National Chapter Models of Innovation awards in the area of Chapter Development.

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