Native American musical group Brule to perform at 2011 National FFA Convention

By Dwight Armstrong, CEO, National FFA Organization

I’m pleased to let you know about an outstanding musical and cultural event being offered at this year’s national FFA convention.  A free concert will be held on the main stage in Conseco Fieldhouse Wednesday evening at 9:45 p.m. shortly following the close of Session 1B.  This is a cornerstone event of the FFA Native American Heritage Celebration that runs throughout the convention.

Native American recording artist Paul LaRoche and Brulé, his award-winning ensemble of talented musicians and world champion dancers, will present a powerful blend of contemporary Native American music and rhythms in a stunning visual concert performance.  Described as an experience in ‘sight, sound and soul’, the hour-long “American Indian Rock Opera” incorporates Paul’s personal message of reconciliation between cultures.  Born to Lakota Sioux parents, his story is told through stirring songs accompanied by exciting choreography and breathtaking Native American dancers in traditional regalia.

The free concert, made possible through the generous support of RFD-TV, will be broadcast live in a global telecast, spreading the word about FFA and the Native American heritage of agriculture.  Those attending will be part of a historic observation and celebration.

While closed to the general public, the concert is open to all who have registered for the national FFA convention.  Students can attend in either official or casual dress, but each attendee must have a convention badge. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Supplemental entertainment and incentives are planned to keep FFA members engaged while the Conseco stage is being prepared for the Brulé concert.

Paul LaRoche and members of Brulé will be engaged with our convention throughout the week at the career show, in events that are part of the Native American Heritage Celebration and at the FFA Shopping Mall.  The concert is an excellent way to introduce students to the culture and important messaging about the Native American Heritage Celebration.

I ask that you help spread the word to all FFA advisors, members, sponsors and guests so that they can make plans to attend the concert.  We are preparing for a full auditorium, and this would be a wonderful demonstration of FFA’s support for our Native American heritage that will come through in the live RFD-TV television broadcast.

More information about Paul LaRoche and Brulé can be found at their website,  The latest information about the concert is on the national FFA convention page of the FFA website:

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this remarkable opportunity.  We look forward to seeing you there.


W. Dwight Armstrong, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

National FFA Organization

One comment on “Native American musical group Brule to perform at 2011 National FFA Convention

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