Rallying the troops

Agriculture affects everyone on the planet, no matter what type of person you are. Montgomery County R-11 FFA in Missouri brought this fact to life in exciting and engaging ways during National FFA Week.

During the week, the FFA committee devised several activities and games in which the entire student body could participate. Each activity or game gave students an incentive to join FFA, and each one was agricultural literacy- or FFA-knowledge based. Members also gathered publicity materials from the National FFA and made daily announcements explaining to the student body what the week would offer.

Among the activities and games were FFA T-Shirt-Wearing Day (T-shirts were $5 each, and they sold 161!); Tractor Day/Favorite Hoodie Day; a wildlife trivia game; and a supporter/staff barbecue, attended by 130 teachers and community supporters.

The total cost for prizes, giveaways and the barbeque was $2,600. Every teacher and 304 students (77 percent) participated in at least one activity. And the best part? The chapter signed up 12 new members, proving that it only takes a little teamwork to build a bigger and better team.

Montgomery County R-11 FFA was a finalist for the 2010 National Chapter Models of Innovation award in Chapter Development.

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