Come CONNECT! with National FFA

The National FFA Foundation is launching a brand new program to help us CONNECT! with everyone (and we mean everyone!) who supports the National FFA Organization. We want to hear from you — the current members, the  former members and everyone else whose lives have been touched by FFA. Share your stories—past and present—and let us know how FFA has impacted your life!

We’re even going to reward you for how you help us CONNECT! with all of those great FFA supporters. Many prizes are available for those who help CONNECT! the most people back to FFA. We know you know them — help us know them, too!

Let your family and friends know, and you’ll increase your chances of winning, through December 30, 2011.

Register and check out all of the rules & details at  CONNECT! today!

2 comments on “Come CONNECT! with National FFA

  1. I was in FFA from 1975 – 1979. My freshman year in HS was a life changing year for me. I got talked into going to our State Convention and ended up being assigned to the Courtesy Corps. As I was setting up for a session the National Officer that was visiting – Leo Anderson from Wyoming – chatted with me. He asked me what my goals were – in life and in FFA. I was explaining to him that I was from a small school – 60 kids, and small chapter – 20 kids. There was no way I could do much in the FFA other than on a local level. He looked at my and said HE was from a small school too – had about 10 members in his chapter. “The sky is the limit” he said! Four years later I was on the convention floor again – as a State Officer. My main message that year as I travelled the state – “To each is given a bag of tools, an hourglass, and a book of rules – and each must build ere their work is done – a stumbling block or a stepping stone!” I saw being from a small town and a small chapter as a stumbling block. It was actually my stepping stone! Much easier to be involved with lots of activities when you are one of a few members!!

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