Getting them in our camp.

With the decline of FFA enrollment in the past two years, Franklin FFA in Nebraskadecided to embark on a Middle School Campout adventure to educate younger  students about FFA and hopefully earn new memberships.

Franklin FFA members distributed FFA brochures to middle school students in the area and followed up with house calls. They explained the program to the parents of the children, firing them up about the experience.

Once they knew how many students would attend the campout, a committee planned meals and activities for the group. Activities included a four-corner capture, a water fight, archery, team-building games and a trust course led by 4-H officials. Franklin FFA also invited two Nebraska state FFA officers to join the campout.

In all, 32 middle school students attended the campout, where they received a great deal of individual attention from their high school leaders. Each student was given an evaluation form to fill out, which provided feedback to Franklin FFA. One hundred percent of the participants provided positive feedback.

After educating the younger students about the benefits of an FFA membership – while showing them a great time – Franklin FFA is confident that a new “crop” of students will soon join the chapter!

Franklin FFA was a finalist for the 2010 National Chapter Models of Innovation Award in Chapter Development.

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