Don’t break the piggy bank.

In a down economy, it’s important to have a smart financial strategy in place. To that end, Brookville Sr. FFA in Florida contacted 15 neighboring FFA chapters aBrooksville Sr. FFA, Floridand 4-H clubs to establish a swine cooperative.

The purpose of the project – called “This Little Piggy Goes to Market” – was to lower the cost of both swine and feed. As they began the project, members surveyed all of their fellow swine exhibitors to determine everyone’s needs for the project. Then they contacted Kent Feeds in Louisville, Ky., to determine the best prices for bulk show pig base mix and supplements.

Participants in the “This Little Piggy Goes to Market” project bought swine feed for $13 per 50 pounds, for a savings of $6 per 50 pounds – and an overall savings of $1,440.

Members also purchased 77 show swine after determining the best prices from feeder pig producers. Each FFA member saved $140 per animal, for a total savings of $10,780.

The project was a huge success. The total savings through their swine cooperative program was a whopping $12,220! That was a savings of $158.70 per member—a good chunk of cash, to be sure.

Brookville Sr. FFA was a finalist for the 2010 National Chapter Models of Innovation award in Chapter Development.


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