FFA GO: Africa – July 24, 2011


By Teams A and B

This morning the sun shined as bright as our willingness to learn and explore at Akagera National Park in the eastern city of Kibungu.  The park is over 2500 sq. km. of savannah, showcasing an environment and ecosystem much different from the US.   With a variety of swamp land and characteristic hills (Rwanda is the land of 1,000 hills), the landscape was ever-changing with a variety of animal species.  Seeing zebras in their natural habitat was the highlight of the safari.  Other animals such as cape buffalo, antelope, boars, hippopotamus, and a variety of birds were seen also.  The awareness of biodiversity allowed us to take traditional views of African safari from media like the “Lion King” or “Madagascar” to a first-hand level. 

Lunch and a boat ride adventure followed the safari.  Seeing the quality of the water below our feet from the lake emphasized the importance of clean drinking water from wells.  Local villagers were kind enough to demonstrate how their wells work for us.  Although wells are not everywhere, those that are present are improving quality of life through the simple act of delivering safe drinking water. 

Tomorrow we share our new project/improvement ideas with Catholic Relief Services, and then head to the field, with Team A working with cassava, and Team B with tuber crops like sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes.


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