Costa Rica Trip – Day 5

Feliz Dia Papa! Happy Father’s Day to all of our dads! We woke up this morning in the beautiful shadow of the Arenal Volcano and were greeted by an amazing breakfast. After breakfast our group checked out and loaded up on buses bound for other side of the country!

Although we spent the day driving there were still many sights to see and interesting lessons to be learned. We learned (some of us the hard way) that the roads here in Costa Rica are steep and curvy! A few of us needed motion sickness medicine.

We departed from the Volcano Lodge and drove high up into the mountains. It suddenly got extremely foggy, but then we realized: it wasn’t fog…it was clouds! We were driving through clouds!

Watching the water in the rivers change direction of travel was one of the coolest things we saw today. We had the privilege of crossing the continental divide a second time during our trip today. Much of our traveling was on the Pan-American Highway which stretches from Alaska to Panama.

A brief pit stop was made in Zarcero where we viewed some very interesting topiary (shaped bushes) in a park near the Catholic Church. The gardener who created these great works of art is world renowned and even turned down a great opportunity with Disney World to continue working with this park. In Zarcero, some of us picked up a little slice of America and had a Coca-Cola!

Today, lunch was at a soda (the Costa Rican Word for café). Not only was the food great, but the scenery was picturesque. En route to our hotel we stopped at the Turcoles River Bridge to view 20-30 large crocodiles in their natural habitat; sunning themselves on the bank.

After an exciting day of sightseeing we arrived at the Marriott in Los Suenos. Everyone is extremely excited to be staying at a five-star hotel. The ocean was gorgeous and many of us took photos and swam in the warm water. We also had a great volleyball tournament in the pool that overlooked the Pacific Ocean.

Looking forward to an action-packed, adventure-filled, fun day tomorrow!

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