Costa Rica – Day 6

~~~Puda Vida from the Half Sliced Pineapples!

Eggs and Bakey, wakey, wakey. Today our day started with a fantastic, state of the art breakfast at the Los Suenos hotel and resort! There was much variety to choose from, and certainly something for every person to enjoy. Some of the options included omelets, waffles, fresh fruit, pastries, and a variety of other things, the list could continue forever. It was indeed fresh and full of Costa Rican flavor.


Adventure. Thrill. Excitement. Adrenaline Rush. All of these words can be used to describe the feelings that the Zip Lining experience brought to us. Immediately following our breakfast, some of us enjoyed this new adventure. The zip lining was option, but after traveling up a mountain on a tractor wagon we made it to our beginning point. There were about fourteen platforms and twelve cables. It was quite the experience that will last us all a lifetime.

While those students participated in the zip lining, many of us stayed to enjoy our beautiful resort. Students did a variety of things, such as golfing, getting facials, deep sea fishing, riding jet skis in the Pacific Ocean, and simply soaking in the sun and enjoying the water volleyball in the pool.

Once students returned from the zip lining, some of us took a trip into the town of Jaco. This town is known for its surfing and beach side view. There were many shops for us to purchase souvenirs in and restaurants for us to choose from.
In the afternoon, many students participated in a game of soccer known in Costa Rica as futbol. It was a very competitive game. The tour guides, bus drivers, advisors, and students all participated, making it even more competitive; we won’t talk about who actually won.
We finished the day with a delicious meal, starting with the fantastic juice from Costa Rica. Many things that were served that were different from what you might see in America were Yuca, Duck, Mahi Mahi, and many other Costa Rican specialties.
Tomorrow we will begin our travels back to San Jose stopping along the way at the Doka coffee plantation and enjoying a lunch there.
Hasta Luego,

Half Sliced Pineapples

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