>Let’s Tango!


Monday was an early morning as we started off with a visit to Colombo Y Magliano S. A. Livestock Market. While we were there, we got the chance to see 2,500 head of Argentine cattle. The full capacity of the market is 20,000- 30,000 head of cattle, but on a daily bases run an average of 15,000 head of cattle. Unlike America where livestock are moved through an auction ring, Argentine buyers moved from pen to pen on suspended walkways above the cattle pens. Some of the buyers even viewed the cattle from horseback down the alleys.

Following the visit to the livestock market, the group took a tour of Buenos Aires. One of the first stops was to Floralis Generica. This flower sculpture was made from pieces of American aircrafts in 2002. It mechanically opens in the morning, is in full bloom during the day, and closes back during the night.

Our next stop was to La Recoleta Cemetery. This cemetery has existed for almost two centuries, and is also the final resting place of Maria Eva Peron. We also toured several neighborhoods among them being La Boca, the most colorful part of the town. This is what kicked off an afternoon with free time to shop!

After an eventful day there was more excitement to come! The group attended Senior Tango for a night of fun and entertainment. At the conclusion of dinner the show started with a story-like performance of the founding of Argentina. The performance included live horses, an orchestra, and of course the Argentine Tango!

Monday was quite the eventful day and we are full of new knowledge about Argentine culture.


The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ryan, Iowa
John, Nebraska
Jeff, Kansas
Travis, Idaho
Paige, Washington
Brady, South Dakota
Cody, Illinois
Allison, Texas
Kaite, Michigan
Alec, New Jersey
Lynsey, Florida
Derek, Minnesota
Gaby, Puerto Rico
Sarah, Tennessee
Clay, Florida
Holly, Georgia

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