>Notes from Zambia


Aug. 7-8, 2010

It is hard to believe that our first week in this wonderful country has already passed! After a very busy and productive week, the time came for us to sit with COMACO staff at the Mfuwe office on Saturday morning to review the week’s activities. Each team (Farmers Group, Green Market, and Poultry and Bees) had a thorough, open discussion about the major findings and observations gleaned from the member meetings and farm visits. This information will assist us in preparing our final report and recommendations. We also brainstormed solutions to the challenges faced by the poultry producers and beekeepers. We all felt that being immersed in the day-to-day “real life” activities associated with the COMACO model have greatly deepened our understanding of the organization’s inner workings. The rest of the day was devoted to some “down time” at the guest house as well as time for journaling and organizing our information, pictures and video.

Sunday was a special day for all of us as we took the opportunity to attend area worship services, rest and relax, take an afternoon walk, partake in some delicious, wholesome meals and visit a local market. With our bodies, hearts and minds renewed, we’re ready for another fruitful week!

The Z-Team

2 comments on “>Notes from Zambia

  1. >I wanted you all to know that there are lots of people reading your blog, lots of people sending good thoughts across the world, and we are very proud of each of you. Keep up the great work!

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