>I-CAL – Day 10 – Taiwan


This morning we arose to our final sunrise in Southeast Asia. We began our morning with a debriefing and wrap up about our experiences in Taiwan, including an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of agriculture in Taiwan and a look at how the US Grains Council can improve their relationship with the Southeast Asian nations. After sharing our favorite memories of the trip and viewing a slideshow that summarized our I-CAL experience, we concluded that our experience in Asia was one we will never forget. We have learned together, we have laughed together, but perhaps most importantly we have gained valuable knowledge and experience that has added a new dimension to our contribution to the agricultural industry.

After our debriefing, we headed to our final lunch of traditional Taiwanese beef and noodles. As we type this we are sitting on the bus on the way to the airport enjoying the scenic mountains of northern Taiwan. Within two hours we will be on our trans-Pacific flight back to the United States.

The only thing left to do now is thank our fearless leader, Mr. Marty Tatman. Professor Mah-tee, you have been truly exceptional in your leadership and organization of this program. We can’t thank you enough for facilitating our learning and ensuring that we experienced true Southeast Asian culture. We guess you were fun to have around, too! Thanks again for making this program possible.
See you in America!
Lucas Fuess – Cornell University
Emily Schneider – Kansas State University

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